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“I Want To See”

November 29, 2015

This is such wonderful Scripture. Mark, as always, writes succinctly, to the point, with powerful, direct imagery. It is a simple encounter, Jesus and Bartimaeus, but it serves to tell us everything we need about the spiritual life.

First off, Bartimaeus calls out – no, cries out – Son of David. He announces the prophesy of Nathan to David. Jesus is the heir of the promise. Everyone shushes him, tells him to be quiet, but he has recognized this and cries out all the louder. And Jesus stopped. The Lord will always stop and wait for us; he wants us to draw closer to him, so we can draw closer to the Father, and strengthen our relationship with him.

And then Jesus asks the question. One could – and maybe should – spend the rest of one’s life meditating on this question: “What do you want me to do for you?” What do you want me to do for you? It’s such an innocent, unassuming, and magnificent question. Think about how you would respond: Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior is asking what he can do for you. Yesterday, he asked James and John, the Sons of Thunder, What do you want? Seat us on your right and on your left.   They didn’t get it. Sometimes, when you are too close, you cannot see clearly, until you take a step back. But today, poor, blind, Bartimaeus responds in his humility. He shows that he can see far better than those brothers. Master, I want to see. How beautiful and reassuring this is. Master, I want to see past the hurt, past the disappointment in order to see love. Master I want to see past my blindness, and into the hearts and of others; I want to see through your eyes, and take on my mission, my true purpose. I want to see truth. I want to see the way.

Remember, the early Christians called themselves that: The Way.

Bartimaeus receives his sight back from Jesus – and Mark makes note by emphasizing it was the answer of his faith that did this, not the cure by the Messiah. And upon receiving his sight, he followed him on his way. Not the road traveled mind you, but in the Way of Discipleship.

What do you want him to do for you?


To Jesus through Mary,



May 28, 2015.  Thursday, Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Sirach 42:15-25. The glory of the Lord fills all his works.

Responsorial: Ps 33:6a – R. By the word of the Lord the heavens were made.

Mark 10:46-52. Master, I want to see.

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